Snow Day

I am very superstitious.  Despite knowing better, I fully believe that talking about something you want to happen makes it not happen (I am super nervous even talking about the house; I am convinced it will jinx me and something will happen before/at closing and I won’t get it.  Cross your fingers for me).  So, when my colleagues were talking about weather reports and 90% chances of precipitation at our professional development (teacher work day) yesterday, I kindly asked them to shut up.

They can thank me later.  This morning, I woke up at the beautiful hour of 5:30, got fully dressed, packed my lunch, fixed my coffee in my travel mug, and THEN — and only then — sat down to watch the local news with its taunting blue ticker of school closings at the bottom.

This is NOT what happened today.

This is NOT what happened today.

The sweet thing about my school district is that it’s huge, and apparently the northern corner of it is so far north it’s pretty much in Michigan, so even if the rest of the county is fine, that part could be under 10 feet of snow.  And so that’s how I sit here on my couch, drinking coffee out of my travel mug, preparing to do some packing, listening to the RAIN outside my window, and thinking about those precious little children in that northern corner who are safe from the treacherous roads because the rest of the county is willing to sacrifice and take a snow day.  Bless them.

And now, to pack.


One Response to “Snow Day”

  1. aunt jane Says:

    I used to love snow days–whether it snowed or not!!!! I’m wondering if it snowed anywhere in the county?? I’ll cross my fingers that it warms up by tomorrow so you don’t have any snow days to make up!!

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