How it happened, Part 2.

So I had a long, boring post written up telling the rest of the story of how I found and decided on the house.  There were two problems with it : it was long and boring.  Also, after writing about my superstitious nature the other day, I’ve been really nervous about talking about the house in general.  The whole process isn’t complete (quite) yet, so I’m going to sum up the rest of the story in a nutshell…

My dad went on a walk.  He saw a house and picked up a flyer.  I saw the flyer.  I liked it a lot, especially this:

The "me" kitchen.

The "me" kitchen.

The kitchen was just my style — cozy and pleasant and green (fairly well-known fact about me: I can never resist the color green).  The house met the rest of my requirements, and some I hadn’t even dreamed of (a garage! ).  Lots of boring things happened that have to do with real estate agents and paperwork and money and signing my life away until 2039, and now here I am.

And that’s it.  If all goes as planned, my next post should have lots of fun pictures and tales of moving in.  Wish me luck!


One Response to “How it happened, Part 2.”

  1. Mom Says:

    I’m very superstitious, too.

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