So yesterday, I started off by showing you this:

forsythiaLovely, right?  Well, the background has changed a little bit today:

forsythia with snow

Even more lovely, right?  Our winter storm warning turned into a reality starting yesterday evening and continuing, at least here south of the city, until just a few minutes ago (I’d say it finally stopped falling at about 8:30 AM).  It is almost overwhelmingly beautiful, and not just because I got the day off from school for it.  My backyard is full of trees that have basically turned white:


And the bamboo is leaning all the way to the ground under the weight of it:


I’m glad my car’s in the garage, because this is what the driveway looks like (more leaning bamboo):


Here’s the view directly out of my front door:

front door

Notice the snow on the stars and stripes.  I don’t totally remember my flag etiquette lessons from Brownies, but I think you are probably supposed to bring the flag inside during severe weather conditions.  I, however, am not tall enough to remove it; thus, it stayed.  And it’s still waving quite jauntily, so just goes to show.

Now, a slightly less elegant picture, but it gives a sense of how much we got:

trash can

I am convinced it was at least eight inches.  And because I am so enamored of it, I have taken like 80 pictures, so here’s some more:

back porch

trees in the sky

porch and trees



snow cat

flower versus snow

Now the wind is starting to blow, so I should probably go before a gigantic tree falls on a power line and I lose heat for the second time in a week.  I think I’m starting to hear kids outside, too…I now live just down the street from the best sledding hill in the neighborhood, although I don’t know if the kids today know about it/use it/even care about sledding anymore.  Probably there’s a sledding game on Wii.  Haha — that’s just me trying to be crotchety.  I actually am pretty scared of sledding after I went down on that very hill on one of those orange saucers when I was younger and fell into an 8 foot deep ditch at the bottom.  It is one of my scariest memories.

My other scariest memory, come to think of it, also involves snow in this neighborhood.  I was playing with some neighborhood kids in a nice evening snow, and for some reason this older boy (his name was Michael, I remember, but I don’t remember his last name or which house he lived in…well actually now I do, but I will not write it here for fear he tracks me down and gets me again.  Anyway.) shoved me into the street.  I was maybe 7, and this kid was at least 12.  I was also wearing one of those incredibly movement-probiting pink marshmallow snowsuits, so I could not get up.  I am sure a car hadn’t been by in hours, but I remember lying there, staring at the sky, struggling to bend a single major joint, thinking that my death was imminent and assured.  Thankfully, another boy (who I definitely remember, but will also not name — I think he has moved back to the neighborhood too, in fact) pulled me up, and I did not die that night.  It sure would have been a pretty awesome outfit to go out in, though.

Okay, now I am really going to get stuff done.  Or, you know, take more pictures of stuff covered in snow.  Whatever.


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