A Saturday Brunch

I bought the aforementioned idiot chairs so that people would have places to sit at a little brunch I hosted last Saturday.  I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted — especially of all the beautiful food everyone brought! — because I was busy trying to be a good hostess, ruining the grits casserole, etc.  But it was a beautiful day, warm (even hot) and sunny, and I think people had a nice time.  My more successful dish was this:

Donut Muffins

My helpful sister sent me the recipe for these “donut muffins” while I was at school on Friday, so I picked up the ingredients on the way home and made them Saturday morning.  I wish I had made them just a little closer to when people got there because they were the best when they were right out of the oven and freshly rolled in melted butter and cinnamon sugar.  Then again, what isn’t?

Like I said, I wish I had taken a picture of the buffet table, but I didn’t.  Instead, here’s the plates we used (Cynthia Rowley at Target last summer) and my 6 dollar Kroger amateur flower arrangement:


And the FREE amateur arrangment, from my yard and my mom’s:


Such a pretty day!  I am going to mow the lawn tomorrow or Saturday, so I’ll also try to take some pictures of my new purple Adirondack chairs and all the pretty azaleas blooming in my front yard.  Ahh spring.  And after tomorrow, only SIX more weeks of school!  How is that possible?


2 Responses to “A Saturday Brunch”

  1. Ben Says:

    Donut Muffins FTW!

  2. yellowbrickhouse Says:

    I had to look up what that meant, but thanks!

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