So, yeah…

…it’s been a while.  Here’s what I’ve been doing:

1. Not working on the house.

2. Feeling guilty about not working on the house.

3. Reminding myself that I signed a document stating that I would be paying for this house until 2039, so I think I can wait until school’s out to start on the projects I want to do.

4. School.  Grading.  Planning.  Thinking about grading and planning to come.  Dealing with kids who think it’s over because SOLs are over…newsflash, kiddos: not so much.  I am not going down without a fight.  And some creative summative assessments (eduspeak: sweet projects!).

5. Taking care of my sister’s cat and my parents’ two cats and my cat.  Add it up.  Four cats.  No  one needs to worry about me becoming a cat lady now — they are all precious but I could not handle four on a permanent basis.  Update: one is currently trying to attack/eat a rug.

6. Noticing new stuff about my neighborhood.  Exhibit A: it now smells like honeysuckle at night.  I normally don’t use adjectives like “heavenly,” but…heavenly.  Exhibit B: Flashing red lights went by outside tonight, and I was already up at the window staring down the street before I realized that I just jumped up to watch an ambulance go past.  At least one a day screamed by my old apartment (the one tonight didn’t even have the siren on), but this is the very first one I’ve seen in the months since I moved.  Not really commenting on it either way, but it was weird to realize it.

7. Finishing out the tv season…goodbye for now, 30 Rock and Bones.  Hello, Friday Night Lights on Netflix Instant and Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Lord help/forgive me.

8. Don’t you hate it when people include an item more than once on a list to emphasize how much they’re doing it?  Me too.  That said — school.  Grading.  Planning.

9. I did actually work on my house a little bit, now that I think about it.  I organized my closets and hung up a ribbon to hang my headbands on.  It’s cute.  I need to take a picture.

10. That about covers it.  Maybe I’ll be back this weekend with a post about whatever disasters I encounter while attempting to host my book club on Sunday.  Wish me luck!


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