The other day my genius seamstress grandmother paid the Yellow Brick House a visit.  With the help of (several) drill bits, some drapery rods and rings, a little bit of patience, and my dad, we put up some curtains she custom-made for my sunroom.  They are just perfect.  It all started with lots of measuring and marking:


Well, technically it all started with me messing up and stripping a screw and making the emergency phone call to my dad, but who’s counting?  Anyway, we ended up with the rods hung nice and high on all three walls of windows…


Poor naked rod.  It looks much better dressed:


Beautiful!  Down in the righthand corner you can see the top of my ladder, which has little holes that you can fit tools into when you’re not using them!  I had never noticed before.  Brilliant.  And speaking of brilliant, here’s the seamstress herself (you can also get more of a sense of the curtains, which go basically from floor to ceiling and make the room look infinitely taller and cleaner):


And here are some shots with the furniture loaded back in.  I’ve just added the basics back so far.  The first shot is through the glass doors that lead to it, so it’s the view from the living room.

view from LR



other side

I need to take a picture from the outside, too — the house looks much more finished/lived-in with the windows dressed.

So there they are — my beautiful, breezy new curtains.  Stay tuned, as I will be adding an accent of one of current favorite things (navy grosgrain ribbon) to the mix.

Thank you, G-ma!!


3 Responses to “Curtained!”

  1. Jane Says:

    They look great! Gma is amazing!

  2. Gma Says:

    You really spruced up the room with the furniture back in. I noticed that mirror on the mantle really like it. Gracie is hooked on Frday Night Lights and had me watching it when I visited them in Feb. I liked the characters but like you can live without football. Guess you are at CNU now. Love Gma

  3. Brittany Says:

    Ooh, how pretty and billow-y. I love your sunroom! Invite me over for mint juleps and a sunroom chat pls. 🙂

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