Lots of Seafood & Lots of Bourbon…

…does NOT describe my summer.  It does describe the season premiere of Top Chef:Las Vegas that I just finished watching…

So after my beautiful curtain installation at the end of June, I worked in Newport News for a month and visited my sister and aunts (and other aunt and uncle and cousins) in Murrells Inlet and Charleston, SC.  Now I am back and busting out a few house projects, finishing some reading for school, and doing TONS of doing nothing.  Nothing is something I will not have the luxury of doing once school starts, so I am happy to do it (not do it?) now.

Cousins and aunts at Fort Sumter.

Cousins and aunts at Fort Sumter.

In terms of my house, I have rearranged some furniture, done some minor yardwork, gotten the AC (hopefully) fixed (it got HOT in here), and made a skirt for my sink.  I’m going to try to take some pictures tomorrow and post them here.  I am semi-proud of my semi-funny-looking attempt at a sink skirt.  No sewing involved.  I think I spent about 7 dollars.

School books — I’ve finished The Lightning Thief (YA, cute, fun, might pair with the Odyssey), The Night Tourist (also pretty good…I bought and read it mainly because it was about a 9th grade classics prodigy, and I liked studying Latin in high school), Readicide (an interesting and ultimately helpful book about how teachers/tests are killing kids’ love of reading), and now I’m on Inquiry Circles in Action and the first book in the Artemis Fowl series, which  lots of my boys like to read.  I like it more than I expected.

As for nothing, TV plays a big part of my nothing time.  Tonight, as mentioned, was the premiere of Top Chef in Las Vegas.  I liked it pretty well, except none of the chefs seem all that appealling at this point.  They are mostly sort of rough and crude.  Perhaps they will grow more endearing as time goes on.  On the other hand, I did like Wolfgang Puck’s sass and generic burns: “If you cooked this at home, your guests would never come back!”  “If someone cooked this in my kitchen, I would tell them to leave my kitchen!”  Nice.

What I’m REALLY waiting for comes tomorrow night with Project Runway, now on Lifetime.  I wait with bated breath…


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