My Little Bathroom

My house is older (59 years), and the bathrooms are, well, small.  I see bathrooms on design blogs all the time that are huge and gorgeous and have couches and flat screen tvs in them, and they are great, but they are not me.  Which is lucky, because mine is barely big enough to fit my collection of huge hairbrushes, much less a couch.

The upstairs bathroom is right at the top of the stairs, in between the two bedrooms:

There it is!

There it is!

There’s a nice-sized window, and the walls were already painted a pleasant robin’s egg sort of blue, which I liked well enough.  I took a chance on ordering a toile-esque shower curtain on that looked like it would match the blue.  It did:

shower curtain

I guess it’s hard to tell, but the little blue birds on the curtain are pretty near the wall color.  The other color is a creamy coffee brown, similar to the hand towel hanging on the door.  Confession that will shock people who know me and my love of monogrammed towels well: I do not have matching monogrammed towels for this bathroom!!  Oh the horror!!!  I do have three or four of those brown hand towels (like 99 cents from Target), but I’m still using my old yellow bath ones.  I hang them where people can’t see them.  Out of shame, etc.  When I eventually do get real, matching ones, I am still not sure what color I’ll get.  A blue with brown monogramming sounds gross to me.  Blue with white or cream slightly better.  Or brown with cream maybe.  I don’t know.  I don’t have a lot of experience with either brown or blue.  Anyway.

Another thing I don’t have a lot of experience with is sewing.  HOWEVER, I wanted to cover up the plumbing that was exposed under the sink, which just sticks out of the wall by itself.  So about a million years ago I found some ticking stripe fabric at Walmart and bought it with the intention of making a sink skirt.  I also bought velcro, to attach it underneath, and iron-on hemming tape, so I wouldn’t have to sew anything.  I then proceeded to put all of these materials somewhere in my house and not make a sink skirt for like five months.

And then I did!

sink skirt

It’s not gorgeous, but it does the job.  And it’s not THAT bad for under 10 bucks and very little talent.

Oh, two more little projects to complete the room for now:

mirror and headbands

A couple months ago I realized I had an insane number of headbands.  They were taking up a whole drawer in a dresser.  So I hammered two nails into the wall, tied a ribbon between them, hung all the headbands on it, and called it a day.

Yesterday, I decided the headbands looked lonely.  I had this old mirror, bought at Marshalls for 4.99, but it was all shabby-chic-ed out — dusty rose and celadon and antiquey white.  So I painted it brown, shoved a newly-purchased Hercules Hook (fun!!! ; RIP Billy Mays) in the wall, and called it another day.  I might go back and paint some of the detailing white, but not until I have a lot of papers I want to avoid grading.  It’ll be my special treat.

That’s the bathroom!  One last picture, if only for me to look back at and enjoy once I get all my stuff out from hiding under the sink skirt and it gets cluttered again.



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